CHEAP DATE: A Melbourne man has found a clever way to save money during the pandemic.

David Druitt is now only dating unvaccinated women, as a strategic way to avoid expensive restaurant and bar bills.

“Unvaccinated people can only go to restaurants, bars and clubs on December 1, so that gives me the perfect excuse to only do cheap dates for almost 2 months.” he says.

Instead he’s offering his unvaccinated dates picnics, or nights indoors on the couch at his place.

And the plan seems to be working well.

“Unvaccinated women are pretty much taking whatever is on offer at the moment,” says the 29 year old. “I see them as an untapped market.”

And he says he’s not too concerned about potential Covid exposures.

“I’m fully vaccinated so it should be fine,” he says. “Either way, it’s worth the risk.”