Sydney’s Sam Wilcox is taking drastic preventive measures to avoid everyone’s constant talk about Coronavirus.

“I’ve had enough,” he says. “I’m self-isolating for 14 days. I can’t handle how everyone’s acting like they’re an infectious disease expert all of a sudden.”

The 31 year old Dover Heights man has stockpiled all the bare essentials and he’s banned all TV and social media.

“I’m still online – watching Netflix and stuff – but I’m not checking Facebook, Instagram or any news websites,” he says. “I’m just doing whatever I need to stay 100% safe.”

Wilcox is currently on day two of his self-isolation.

“It’s going well,” he says. “But I had to hang up on my mum today when she rang to try talk about the toilet paper shortage.”

It’s understood he immediately emailed his mother with an apology.

“Sorry mum, I didn’t mean to seem rude,” he wrote. “I’m just very focused on avoiding all Coronavirus related banter.”