A Sydney man has jumped on board the latest trend, declaring his preferred pronouns on social media.

Simon Rivesby updated his instagram bio to say ‘she/her,’ after hitting from the ladies tee at Moore Park golf course today.

“My mates were calling me a girl for using the red tees,” he told DBT. “So I thought that would be a good enough reason to join the trend.”

While the 31 year old is neither transgender nor non-binary, he says he’d now prefer to be referred to as a woman.

“It’s certainly a good excuse for me to keep hitting off the ladies tee haha,” he says. “Either way, I want to keep supporting my trans and non-binary friends.”

Simon Rivesby says he’s also thinking of changing his LinkedIn bio to include ‘she/her.’

“Whatever, if I get tired of it, I can always change it back at any time,” he says.

More to come.