Local woman wears Qantas pyjama top to Coles, to show off about flying business class

NOBODY’S BUSINESS: It’s a popular sleepwear item for wealthy people; the pyjama tops Qantas hands out to its business class passengers.

However Sydney’s Megan Mercer has taken the drastic step of wearing her Qantas pyjama top while grocery shopping at Coles Bondi Junction this morning.

DBT was alerted to the story by one of Ms Mercer’s friends who asked to remain anonymous.

“The truth is she’s never flown business class in her entire life and she’s never even been overseas,” claims the insider.

“She bought the Qantas pyjama top from Vinnies last week for $8.”

Megan Mercer was not available for comment to a DBT reporter as she shopped at the supermarket this morning.

However this afternoon the 29 year old followed up her Coles visit with an Instagram post of her casually wearing the top while relaxing at her home in Randwick.