Local Woman Starts GoFundMe Page To Raise Money For A Rapid Antigen Test

RAPID APPEAL: A local woman trying to avoid a PCR test is asking the internet for help.

Sarah Hamilton says she’s feeling run down and has started a GoFundMe page to raise $30 for a rapid antigen test from Edgecliff BP.

“PCR is not an option at this stage due to the waiting times,” says the 32 year old.

“Plus Covid cost me my hospitality job, so RAT tests are unfortunately out of reach for me financially. Please help!”

Her GoFundMe campaign has already secured $24.84, just 10 hours after going online.

“Yeah I should get the $30 dollars in a few hours I reckon,” Sarah Hamilton told DBT. “But it really sucks that I have to go through all this bullshit.”

In the meantime, she’s decided to self-isolate.

“Worse case scenario, I have to go and get a PCR test,” she says.