BARGAIN HUNTER: Local woman saves $10 shipping fee by taking $30 Uber ride directly to the store

WHEELER-DEALER: A Vaucluse woman who purchased an $8 t-shirt from Kmart has taken drastic steps to side-step the $10 delivery fee.

“There’s absolutely no need for delivery,” she told DBT. “Instead, I just went to pick it up myself.”

However she failed to factor in the total cost of the $30 Uber ride to and from the store at Westfield Bondi Junction.

“At least I had a nice little outing,” she said. “I was walking around the shopping centre enjoying myself for a few hours.”

However, while she was there she was tempted by a whole host of items she doesn’t need, setting her back another $240.

“After all that I needed a massage, but it only cost me $15.”

More to come.