Local Woman Sacks Her Personal Trainer After Discovering He Doesn’t Have A Sleeve Tattoo

GETTING PERSONAL: A Sydney woman is on the hunt for a new personal trainer today after her first ever PT session yesterday left her feeling dissatisfied.

“He seemed like a decent trainer and everything,” says Nancy Wright. “I got a good workout, but to be honest it was totally different to what I was expecting.”

DBT understands the trainer – Joel Gibbs – is one of the few Sydney personal trainers without a sleeve tattoo.

“I thought all PT’s had the full sleeve,” says Nancy Wright. “There was a small tattoo on Joel’s left calf muscle, but without the sleeve, I feel he has a real credibility problem.”

The Personal Trainers Association of NSW says an investigation into Joel Gibbs’ qualifications shows that he has completed the necessary coursework.

“He’s definitely got the Certificate IV in Fitness,” says the association’s CEO.

“But we understand Ms Wright’s concerns so we’ve put forward several other trainer options for her to choose from.”