Sharon Elan is getting ready to turn back time, after applying a ‘Quick Fix Anti-Aging Sheet Mask’ that she bought from her local Chemist Warehouse.

“I’ve never used one of these before, but it’s about time I tried them,” the 30 year old told DBT. “In twenty minutes you’ll be looking at the new me.”

Ms Elan says she feels guilty about treating her body like an amusement park for the last decade, with constant drinking, smoking and eating McDonalds ‘every few days.’

“I had a choice,” she says. “I could completely change my lifestyle, or I could turn to at-home beauty treatments that have really comforting words on the packaging.”

“I chose the latter.”

As soon as she removes her mask in twenty minutes, she’s heading straight down to the Golden Sheaf Hotel.

“I can’t wait for the big reveal. What’s the bet the bouncer asks me for ID tonight!”

More to come.