Local Stock Broker Goes To TAFE To Study Hairdressing

A Sydney stock broker is taking the next brave step in his career.

“I’m doing hairdressing at TAFE,” says Jordan Knowles. “With coronavirus decimating equity markets and the economy, I want to gain skills in a trade which I can rely on.”

It follows the federal government forcing almost every industry to shutdown, except hairdressing.

“It’s quite bizarre,” says Knowles. “Hairdressing involves dangerous human contact and yet for some reason it’s literally the only stable industry at the moment.”

The move to classify hairdressing as an ‘essential service’ is reportedly being spearheaded by NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, who relies on her local salon to dye her grey hair black.

“Cut and dye your own hair if it means that much to you,” says infectious disease expert Lyle Robbins. “We’re in a pandemic and all you can worry about is your fucking hair.”

Hairdressing salons in other countries have been forced to shut down.

More to come.