Local Real Estate Agent Updates Instagram Bio To ‘Public Figure,’ After Leasing A Mercedes C200

FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT: Local real estate agent Jason Berner has announced the next brave step in his 3 year career.

The 28 year old has listed himself as a ‘public figure’ on Instagram after selling his old Toyota Rav 4, and leasing a white Mercedes C200.

“I can’t afford to buy the Merc just yet, but I plan to as soon as my crypto portfolio recovers,” he told DBT. “Either way, it’s a huge step up from my old Toyota RAV 4.”

Jason Berner’s bold move to ‘public figure’ status comes despite only having 213 followers.

“Mark my words, I’m going to be a household name within 2 years,” he says. “This is just the start of my journey.”

Last week Jason Berner applied to be one of the real estate agents on the next season of Luxe Listings Sydney but he’s yet to hear back.