PUFF DADDY: A Double Bay man who normally gets his groceries home delivered has decided to take on the cooler climate within his local Woolworths.

Before bravely stepping foot inside the supermarket, Peter Davidson visited the North Face store at Westfield Bondi Junction to buy a puffer jacket for $400.

“I heard the North Face jackets are really good at keeping the cold temperatures out,” he told DBT. “It will come in especially handy in the freezer section.”

“I think it’s really important in life to sometimes step outside of your comfort zone.”

And, following the lead of virtually every eastern suburbs resident who never leaves the city, the 34 year old has combined his new jacket with a new pair of R.M Williams.

“I’m pretty much ready for anything in this gear,” he says. “After going to Woolies, I might even go see a movie, where the temperatures are even cooler than the supermarket.”