HARD YARDS: On the verge of exhaustion and close to vomiting, a Sydney runner has managed to pick up the pace as he ran through Double Bay’s busy shopping areas.

DBT captured the above photo of Tom Hirst, flashing a fake smile while accelerating past Bake Bar, which was full of patrons enjoying a sunny Sunday afternoon.

“I was in a world of pain,” he admitted to DBT. “But I dug deep because I know lots of people who regularly go to Bake Bar.”

It remains unclear if anyone noticed him, or even cared about his running form in the slightest, but the 31 year old wasn’t taking any chances.

“A few minutes earlier I also ran quickly past the Oak and Matteo, before slowing up ahead of my final surge past Bake Bar.”

He says Sunday afternoon is a great time to go running as there are lots of people around relaxing.

“I might quickly head down to Bondi Beach now and do a few laps of the promenade with my shirt off.”