A local influencer is being praised for posting a brave and moving tribute to Australia’s bushfire victims.

“My heart goes out to all of those affected by the bushfires,” Sydney’s Kendall Domanski captioned her Instagram selfie.

Her 2300 followers (760 organic) are applauding her for selflessly raising awareness of the bushfire victims.

“It’s so generous of her lend her face to help others understand the severity of the crisis,” one of her followers told DBT.

The 24 year old lifestyle influencer took the sultry yet captivating selfie while looking in the mirror at her Double Bay home where she lives with her parents.

“I’m not a firefighter, so I cant put out the flames myself,” she says. “But I just wanted to do my bit to help the situation.”

Ms Domanski says she was triggered into action after seeing another influencer do a similar post about the bushfires.

And she’s urging anyone who wants to acknowledge the plight of bushfire victims to at least like her instagram post.

“It could help save a life,” she says.