Local private girls school changes uniform to activewear “to prepare students for the real world”

ACTIVE WHERE? A private girls school in Sydney’s east is raising eyebrows by its decision to ditch its traditional school uniform in favor of activewear.

“We’re keeping the same colours, but just modernising the uniform,” says the principal of Ascham school, Dana Henry.

From next month, students will be required to wear new figure hugging uniforms, consisting of a two piece khaki moisture-wicking outfit with a red horizontal stripe across the midriff.

“It’s stylish and practical,” says Dana Henry. “Students will no longer need to change out of their uniforms for physical education classes.”

“They can literally just run straight out of the classroom and onto the sports field.”

Students say they’re excited about the changes.

“It’s going to be nice to go up to Westfield Bondi Junction in our activewear after school,” says year 11 student Maddie Wright, pictured on the right.

“The new uniforms are pretty close to the kind of stuff I wear on the weekend.”

It remains unclear if any other schools will follow suit.