A private school for boys in Sydney’s eastern suburbs has announced plans to update its sex education syllabus.

“In the age of #MeToo, and with all the recent rape allegations, we are moving with the times,” says the headmaster of Paddington Grammar School Dr Thomas Wellington.

The elite high school has announced a plan to introduce ‘consent’ as a subject in its sex education syllabus.

“It’s high time for our students to understand that both parties must independently agree to engage in sexual activity,” he says.

Students who spoke to DBT seem apprehensive.

“I’ve never heard the word consent to be honest,” said one year 11 student. “So wait, now I have to actually ask the girl if she’s keen before having a crack?”

“I barely ever talk to girls at all,” said another student. “How awkward is this whole consent thing going to be?!”

From next week, Paddington Grammar will invite students from a nearby girls school to partake in mock ‘dating’ situations whereby the boys will need to ask for consent.

“This all seems too hard,” another student told DBT. “I’m just going to avoid girls and stick to watching PornHub.”