Local Company Attempts To Lure Staff Back Into The Office With A Plate Of Milk Arrowroot Biscuits

WORK PERK: A Sydney firm is pulling out all stops in a desperate bid to encourage staff back into the office.

Amid public transport chaos, and soaring petrol prices, the finance company is offering free Arnott’s Milk Arrowroot biscuits to those who manage to show their face at work.

“We don’t have an unlimited supply of the biscuits,” says the CEO.

“But if staff start coming back in the next few days they should be able to secure a few biscuits for themselves.”

The company has emailed a photo of the biscuits to all staff and posted the photo to its LinkedIn page.

“So far the response has been a little bit underwhelming to be honest,” says the CEO. “But we are just waiting for the word to spread.”

And the CEO told DBT that if the biscuits don’t prove enough of a lure, she has a back up plan.

“We’ll see if this initiative works, if not we may offer some free Mentos as well, both mint and fruit flavours.”