A large group of Sydney people have reluctantly travelled north to Byron Bay for their friend’s wedding.

“To be brutally honest, none of us wanted to come,” one guest told DBT. “But the bride is acting like she’s doing us a favour.”

Local bridezilla Amber Wrigley is holding her wedding today at her Byron Bay holiday house, 800 kilometres from Sydney.

Guests say they are angry about the cost of flights, car hire and accomodation, at a time when most people have already been to Byron within the last few months.

“What a hassle,” said another guest. “Then we all have to attend a recovery party tomorrow, before hurrying back to Sydney in time for work on Monday.”

“I’m so over this wedding and it hasn’t even begun. And, the bride and groom will probably end up getting divorced in a few years anyway.”

It’s understood Amber Wrigley was keen to get married in Byron so she could have a ‘destination wedding,’ while at the same time testing how loyal her friends are.

“I knew you’d all love it here,” she said in her wedding speech. “Thanks for making the effort to come. I’m sure it was worth it.”

More to come.