Local Boomer Starts Photography Business After Discovering Portrait Mode

What started as a passion project has turned into a proper business, after a 64 year old discovered portrait mode on his mobile phone last week.

“Look it’s easy,” Alan Kendall told DBT. “Just select portrait mode, tap on the focal point a few times, and it throws the background out of focus. It looks professional!”

The Glebe retiree launched his photography business last week, after his son showed him how to use portrait mode on his iPhone.

“I’m available to shoot high quality mobile phone photos at weddings, birthdays and bar-mitzvah’s.”

“I enjoy shooting in portrait mode, but I can also do regular photo, video and even pano.”

Alan Kendall hasn’t got any clients yet, but he’s been out practising his portrait mode skills in the bush.

“I’ve always had a good eye for photography,” he says. “I want to personally thank Apple for making the arts so easily accessible.”