A Sydney man is being accused of pretending to want to catch up with his friend for a beer.

While ending a phone call with his old friend yesterday, Chris Kemp allegedly said: “Let’s get a beer when this Corona thing passes.”

The man Kemp was speaking with, Marc Riegle, contacted DBT with the story.

“I have not seen Chris in about 9 years,” says Riegle. “Him suggesting a beer when coronavirus passes is an absolute furphy. He knows that as well as I do.”

The pair met at university 12 years ago and they later coincidentally worked together for 6 months. Now they chat on the phone once every few years.

Riegle says Kemp is known by many to suggest beers, without any actual follow through.

“In the past, I reckon he’s suggested it to me about 50 times without ever trying to arrange anything,” claims Riegle. “Coronavirus is completely irrelevant.”

“Honestly I really don’t care if we never have that beer,” says Riegle. “I just wish he’d stop mentioning it all the time.”