Kmart Releases ‘Influencer’ Costume Set For Halloween, Complete With $3 Plate

RACK READY: If you haven’t sorted your Halloween costume yet, Kmart may have the answer.

The discount retailer has expanded its costume range so shoppers can dress up as influencers.

“It’s a great way for our consumers to feel cool,” says Kmart’s Kyle Marks.

“We interviewed thousands of influencers about what should be included in the set and they all said pretty much the same things.”

For $49 shoppers around the country can get their hands on a crop top, leggings, water bottle, and one of the popular $3 plates famously used by influencer Nadia Bartel.

“It’s that popular ‘gym to street’ look we’re going for,” says Marks. “Not everyone can be an influencer but at least they can look like one for a night.”

The costume hit shop shelves yesterday morning and Kmart says demand is already high.

“We’ve even had several influencers buy it, but it’s unclear if they are using it as a costume or for daily use.”

Halloween takes place this Sunday.