FOMO: After two years of border closures, social media has become flooded with European beaches, slo mo footage of people jumping off yachts and huge plates of pasta.

The Euro summer season was never a good time to be on socials if you weren’t traveling that year, but now – in 2022 – it’s become so much more depressing.

Now, for those stuck at work in the Australian winter, Instagram is providing relief.

“We’re giving users the option of muting any Euro summer photos,” says a new statement from Instagram.

Users looking to opt out can visit: settings > Euro summer > mute.

“Our image and text detection software can easily identify Euro summer travel photos, so you don’t have to see them if you don’t want to,” says Instagram.

The feature is reportedly being used extensively by people who cant afford to travel this year.

“I spent all my money during covid on alcohol,” one Instagram user told DBT. “I have no idea how so many people can afford to fly around the world at the moment.”