A Potts Point influencer is mopping up today after briefly forgetting to turn off her bath tap.

“I was in my bedroom trying to decide what I was going to wear today when I realised the bath water was still running,” says Kate Withers.

“I ran into the bathroom to find some water on the floor. My bath mat was left completely soaked.”

Luckily there was no other damage, but the 27 year old says she was forced to spend “at least 25 minutes” mopping up.

Now, despite living more than 50 kilometres away from the floods gripping large parts of the state, Kate Withers is now applying for the government’s flood relief package.

“I also had to call my friend to get help in filling out these complex forms,” she says. I need to be compensated for my time.”

The influencer, who has more than 500 followers on Instagram (150 organic) has also launched a GoFundMe bathroom flood relief page.

“Any contributions would be greatly appreciated” she says.