Influencer forced to develop a personality, as the Threads algorithm shuns her non-stop selfies

FRESH START: A Bondi influencer is embarking on a new content strategy, after her relentless selfie posting fell foul of the Thread algorithm.

“I’m pivoting to become a different kind of content creator,” Sally Braggs told DBT.

The 23 year old is tipping her toes in the comedy genre, in a bid to adapt to Meta’s new text-based social media platform.

‘So, how is everyone enjoying Threads? hahah. Comment below!’ she wrote in her maiden Threads post.

“Obviously I feel much more at home posting sexy selfies, and to be honest that’s what my followers want.”

“But also the time is right for me to reveal my personality to the internet. I just have to find it first.”

“In the meantime, maybe I’ll just use AI.”