TOUCHING BASE: A local worker’s return to the office after lockdown is being dominated by generic banter about working from home vs the office.

“I’m just find I’m getting a lot more done in the office,” Linda Grieves told colleagues today in a conversation lasting at least 30 minutes.

“And what about you guys?”

However further investigation by DBT has found she’s had the exact same conversation with at least 15 other colleagues today.

“I enjoy getting all dressed up in corporate clothes, putting on make up and commuting for an hour each way to and from work,” says Ms Grieves. “I find it motivating.”

“Anyway, enough about that, what are you guys up to this weekend?”

The 31 year old works as an insurance claims manager, meaning all her work can be done remotely.

“It’s great to be back in the office though,” she told her co-workers. “What about we all head out for coffee now? It’ll be good to catch up properly.”