NO CONCEPT OF TIME: A Perth woman claiming to be ‘on her way’ to meet friends for brunch today, has actually just stepped into a hot bath, DBT can reveal.

It’s understood Maggie Price also has to blow dry her hair, complete an elaborate skincare routine, get dressed, drive to the cafe and find parking, before finally joining her friends.

“It’s now 10.45am, and we are meeting at 11am, so I might be a bit late,” she admitted to DBT. “But it’s all fine because I’ve texted them saying I’m on my way.”

To make matters worse, the 27 year old has further lost track of time while scrolling Instagram in the bath.

“I should really post more reels myself if I want to gain more followers,” she told herself before devising a few dance routines in her head.

At 11.45 Ms Price was still in the bath when her friend texted asking where she is.

“I’m on my way,” she replied again. “I’m almost there, but please go ahead and order without me.”

UPDATE: Maggie Price eventually arrived at the cafe 2.5 hours late at 1.15pm, apologising by saying she “got caught up in some unexpected stuff.”