Clubs, bars and restaurants will be forced to stop serving ice with beverages under the state government’s toughest water restrictions in a decade.

“Your drinks may not be as cold as you’d like, but we desperately need to save water,” says Gladys Berejiklian. “We’re in the grip of severe drought.”

Venues and other workplaces ignoring the ice cube ban face fines of $4600 per breach.

Homeowners are also affected by the ban, with fines of $1,300.

“We understand it’s hot and you’ll want ice in your drink, but our water supply is too low,” says the Premier. “Instead maybe just put your drink in the freezer for five minutes.”

Under the changes to be announced today, convenience stores and other retailers will also be banned from selling Slurpees and similar ice based beverages.

The new restrictions will also include limits on watering gardens, washing cars and filling pools.

The changes will come into force for the city, the Blue Mountains and the Illawarra regions from December 10.

The Premier says Star City Casino is exempt.

More to come.