ON HIS HIGH HORSE: As many Australians prepare for a Saturday night out drinking with friends, local man Chris Hindmarsh is settling in for another night chilling at home, alone.

“Most of my friends rely on alcohol to have a good time,” says Hindmarsh. “It’s pretty sad if you ask me. I think a lot of them are full blown alcoholics.”

And while he regularly talks about not drinking much alcohol, a DBT investigation has found that he’s a regular marijuana user who punches a bong at least every 30 minutes.

“Yeah to be honest, I don’t mind the odd smoke here and there,” he admitted.

“But weed is all natural, it’s so much healthier and cheaper than guzzling gallons of beer and spirits all the time.”

However Chris Hindmarsh’s friends say his marijuana habit is having a devastating effect on his social life.

“We hardly see him anymore,” one his friends told DBT. “He sits on his couch all day smoking bongs, acting as though he’s better than anyone who likes to drink.”

“Not to mention all the coke dealers he has on speed dial.”