A Greens volunteer is waging an angry protest at the Marrickville Public School polling station today.

Reece Tanner volunteered to hand out how-to-vote-cards on behalf of the Greens, but he’s currently campaigning against the lack of meat-free options at the sausage sizzle.

“Election day should be a celebration of freedom of choice,” he was heard shouting. “But what choice do us vegetarians have?”

In the lead up to this election, Green groups have been calling for all polling station sausage sizzles to be vegan friendly.

“Voters shouldn’t have to endure the smell of dead animals,” says Reece Tanner.  Why don’t you guys have any halloumi or something you arseholes.”

The 31 year old had planned to stay at the polling station all day, but it’s understood he had to go home early for a nap due to an iron deficiency.

More to come.



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