OFFICE POLITICS: The boss of a small accounting firm where all work can easily be done remotely has sent an email welcoming staff back into the office.

“I’ve missed being in the same room as all of you precious souls,” he wrote, despite never talking or even looking at any staff members, except for those in upper management.

“But now, finally, as the pandemic eases we can see each other in the flesh!”

Confused staff member Sally Pratt, who thrived while working from home, has been left wondering why workers are being encouraged back into the office.

“Nobody here has even spoken to me all day, except for one forced hallway conversation in which some weirdo colleague asked me if I saw MAFS last night,” says Ms Pratt.

The young accountant avoided two hours of torturous commuting every day while working from home.

“But now I also have to get all dressed up, do my hair and make up, and spend my hard earned money on overpriced take away lunches,” she says.

“I feel like I’ve just stepped back in time. Surely we are better than this as a society.”