A Sydney woman has taken a brave career step into the dynamic and fast growing e-commerce industry.

“I’ve always been into online shopping,” says Cynthia Riley. “But now I’m an expert in online selling too.”

It comes after she used eBay to sell off some of the items her ex-boyfriend left at her place.

“I sold his skis for $175 and and his ski boots for $90,” she says.

“It’ll be interesting when he tries to come back and pick them up now that ski season has arrived.”

After updating her instagram bio to ‘e-commerce entrepreneur, the 26 year old is now urging others to consider a career in e-commerce.

“Once you work out how to create an eBay account and upload product photos it’s actually not that difficult.” she says.

“But if you couldn’t be bothered, I’ll do it for you for a 15% commission.”