Moments after walking free from a Geelong prison today, Cardinal George Pell has started a Tinder account.

The 78 year old says he’s eager to start dating.

“I’m a free man and I’m an innocent man,” Pell told DBT. “And after more than 400 days wrongfully lock up in jail, I’m keen to get out there again.”

The High Court today overturned his five child sex convictions, finding there was a “significant possibility” an innocent person has been convicted.

“Hopefully all this legal stuff won’t hinder my chances on Tinder,” says Pell. “I’m a kind, gentle and loving man.”

Among his list of interests in his Tinder bio, Cardinal Pell included ‘long walks behind the tabernacle and reading.’

“Can you still filter potential matches based on age?” he asked our reporter.

More to come.