ULTERIOR MOTIVE: A Sydney mum is accused of posting selfies immediately after having botox injections, and presenting the images as nothing more than fun family photos.

Immediately after visiting a cosmetic clinic this morning, Amy Dennis posted a selfie to Instagram with her four year old daughter with the caption: “Family Fun!”

But anonymous sources tell DBT the seemingly harmless posts are actually a sign of the woman’s deep insecurity.

“This photo is not about’Family Fun..’ it’s literally all about her freshly Botoxed forehead,” says one of her Facebook friends.

“We feel sorry for her child who is clearly being used as a pawn in her sick plot.”

It’s understood the 39-year-old mother of two has been forcing her daughter to appear alongside her in the selfies approximately once a month for the last three years.

But her social media followers say she didn’t post any selfies during the recent cosmetic clinic closures.

Our reporters contacted Amy Dennis for an interview, but she didn’t return our calls.