Folau’s First Photoshoot For The Dragons, To Help Sell ‘Make The Dragons Great Again’ Hats

The St George Illawarra Dragons are gearing up for the release of new merchandise, featuring Israel Folau.

“Our ‘Make The Dragons Great Again’ hats will be available widely soon for just $29.95,” says St George Illawarra CEO Mark Miles.

The club says it expects to get approval from the NRL to put the star footballer on contract next season.

“We’ll know in a couple of days if Israel Folau will be a Dragon, but either way, we wanted our merchandise to be 100% ready,” says Mr Miles. “Izzy is a big deal around here.”

The red hats seem to be a reference to Donald Trump’s campaign slogan: ‘Make America Great Again.’

“Yes absolutely, it’s a nod to Donald, but mainly it’s just a bit of fun,” says CEO Miles. “To be fair, Izzy is a Christian, and we are the Saints!”

On the St George Illawarra website it days the hats will be released in “the coming days.”