PHONE PLAN: As recession fears continue to bite, global gym chain Fitness First is offering relief to Australian household budgets.

“Our research shows up to 14% of our members come to the gym and are on their phones pretty much the whole time,” says Fitness First CEO Joel Mathers.

“So we’re offering a membership discount to those people, provided they don’t use any of our machines, weights or classes.”

From next week Fitness First will begin offering its ‘phone plan’ for $18 a week, a $7 discount on it’s regular fee of $25 per week.

“This discount will definitely come in handy for me,” one woman told DBT. “I only go to the gym so I can post selfies from there.”

“Personally I only go to the gym to perve on women,” says one man. “I just sit next to the cardio area and I use my phone to pretend to be on important business calls.”