Fitness First Kings Cross Announces Reopening Of Steam Room Ahead Of Mardi Gras

Fitness First Kings Cross members are expressing relief today after management announced that from Wednesday the gym’s steam room will reopen.

It’s understood to be Sydney’s first steam room to become operational as covid restrictions ease, and it comes just in time for this weekend’s Mardi Gras celebrations.

“Steam room fat shedding is such a crucial part of my Mardi Gras preparations,” gym member Tyler Newbold told DBT.

“Typically I go into steam room shred mode in January, but this year I’ve been forced to wait till March. Now we’ve only got a few days before the parade!”

Mr Newbold says he cant wait to resume his normal shredding programme of 10 minutes in the steam room followed by 5 minutes out, on repeat for up to two hours.

“It’s the only way to burn off those stubborn calories.”

Fitness First Oxford Street is expected to follow suit.