A groundbreaking new study shows that finding your phone after losing it, even briefly, triggers similar brain responses to consuming illicit drugs.

“Our research shows that, for some people, it can feel like taking ecstasy.” says lead researcher Simon P. King from Sydney University. “But it’s only like taking a half.”

Researchers say it’s not just the exhilaration of finding a phone that sets off the chemical reaction. It’s also the heightened sense of anxiety and despair from losing the phone in the first place.

“The combination of the two triggers a strong flood of serotonin, dopamine and adrenaline,” says Simon P King. “It’s not quite as good as ecstasy, but it’s up there.”

Researchers are warning people not to experiment with losing their phone, or taking ecstasy.

“Both scenarios can be quite damaging to the human condition, especially losing your phone.”


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