WINTER LAYERS: The first few days of spring have brought some welcome sunshine.

But for a small but growing group of people, warmer temperatures pose a very real threat.

“It means I can no longer get away with wearing puffer jackets everywhere,” admits local woman Nicki Halls.

Ms Halls says she’s put on 2.731 kgs over winter.

“I’ve worn my puffer jacket every day for the last two months, but not because they’re trendy.”

With the mercury rising into summer, Nicki Halls says she’s now preparing for the big reveal.

“I’ve been doing laps of Rose Bay promenade for exercise, in my puffer jacket of course,” she told DBT.

“But it’s not working. The problem is, I’m addicted to Bennett St Dairy Cookie Dough.”

Rain forecast for the next few days suggest some relief for Nicki Halls.

But as summer approaches, she admits, the pressure is rising.

“I might have to go live overseas where it’s cooler.”