Fears About New A ‘White Power’ Symbol: Putting Ski Racks On Car Months Before Snow Season

Police are expressing grave concern about the use of a new symbol of white supremacy, found to be especially common in Sydney’s east.

“An alarming number of drivers have been mounting ski racks since mid-April, even though ski season doesn’t begin till late June,” says Sergeant Ray Sparks.

“Covertly gathered police intelligence shows the premature mounting of ski racks is actually dangerous symbol used by white people to express racist sentiments.”

The symbol is reportedly being used heavily by alt-right members of Sydney’s east, who could just as easily put their skis in the back of their vehicles.

“Even more concerning is that many of these people will simply end up hiring skis when they get to the snow fields,” says Sergeant Ray Sparks.

Police say prematurely installed ski racks are most commonly found on Land Rovers and Porsche SVU’s, especially around the Double Bay, Rose Bay and Bellevue Hill areas.

“We’re urging all people to be very careful around vehicles displaying this dangerous symbol,” say police.