Fantales discontinued as the last person who bought them 3 years ago is still chewing

SOMETHING TO CHEW OVER: In a bittersweet move that’s shocked choc-caramel lovers around Australia, confectionary maker Neslte has announced the demise of Fantales.

After 93 years in production, the company says it will stop making the iconic lolly next month due to declining sales.

Sydney’s Andrew Wilson was reportedly the last person who purchased a pack of Fantales back in 2020, and he’s been chewing ever since.

“I’ve been chewing on the same Fantale for the last six hours,” says the 32 year old. “I’m actually still recovering after dislocating my jaw on it this morning.”

Nestle told DBT there was another consumer who finished chewing their Fantales recently.

“But unfortunately they’re still using their tongue to extract bits of caramel from their teeth,” says the confectionary maker.