Eagle-eyed social media users have noticed a small change to their Facebook interface.

Overnight Facebook has changed the name of its ‘People you may know’ section to ‘People you’re trying to avoid.’

“We think the name change more accurately reflects user experience,” says Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The social media giant’s own research shows that 93% of users respond negatively to those appearing in the ‘People you may know’ section.

“It’s mostly people I went to school with who I used to hate, and probably still hate,” says Facebook user Jolene Hoyle.

“There are also random family friends who I’d avoid if I ever saw them on the street.”

The research also shows that people only use the ‘People you may know section’ to find new Facebook friends just so they can stalk their profiles.

“It’s a way looking for evidence to confirm why they were never friends with them in the first place,” admits Zuckerberg.