Eastern suburbs coke enthusiast says $300 federal budget rebate doesn’t quite go far enough

BUDGET BLUES: In a startling display of financial frivolity, a Potts Point man is voicing his dissatisfaction with the federal government’s $300 budget rebate, saying it simply doesn’t stretch far enough to support his lifestyle.

“It’s a real slap in the face,” Mark Fenkle-Roberts told DBT. “These days in the eastern suburbs you can’t even get one bag for $300.”

The government’s one-off rebate is aimed at easing Australia’s cost of living crisis.

But some critics of the budget say the rebate should have only been made available to low income earners.

“No way,” says Mark Fenkle-Roberts, with his jaw line darting from side to side uncontrollably.

“Most low income earners don’t have expensive tastes or high-flying lifestyles like myself.”

Despite his frustration with the rebate, the 31 year old investment banker says he’ll be in full party mode tonight at The Caterpillar Club.

“I have a reputation to uphold,” he says.