Australian bookseller Dymocks says it will donate its fast-growing stockpile of unwanted Pete Evans books to Adelaide supermarkets to help ease the city’s toilet paper shortage.

“We’ve already tried slashing the prices of these books to no avail,” says Dymocks head of retail, Carol Flinders. “Nobody is willing to pay for that garbage.”

The bookseller is set to deliver around 200,000 unsellable Pete Evans cook books and self-help books to Coles and Woolworths supermarkets around Adelaide.

It comes as images of empty toilet paper aisles spread on social media, as South Australian consumers begin panic buying basic household supplies.

“We just want to see these books being put to good use,” says Carol Flinders. “The paper stock used in the books isn’t as soft as regular toilet paper, but it will do the job.”

The steep fall in demand for anything to do with Pete Evans comes as the former Celebrity Chef gets booted from the worst reality show on Australian television.

Some South Australian consumers told DBT they’d even be unwilling to use his books as toilet paper.

“No chance,” said one man. “I’d much prefer to use my own hand.”