TRADING PLACES: A local man is speaking candidly about how a visit to General Pants in Bondi Junction prompted an identity crisis.

“I tried on some baggy jeans, and the next thing I knew, I was buying a beanie too. And that’s when it hit me – maybe I’m actually a hipster!” says 32 year old Dan Porter.
It’s a far cry from his days as a rugby playing private schoolboy.
“I used to be outside centre for the Cranbrook 1sts,” he told DBT. “Baggy jeans and schoolboy rugby don’t exactly go hand in hand.”
But now the finance executive is planning a move away from his longtime home in the upmarket suburb of Double Bay, to the inner city trendy bohemian suburb of Newtown.
“I’ve started looking at rental options in Newtown,” he says. “Moving there would really allow me to express my new self. Sometimes you just know what’s right.”
“I might even get a tattoo soon.”