BUNCH OF TOOLS: Bunnings now hosting birthday parties for men aged 45 & over

SCREW LOOSE: DIY retailer Bunnings is to seize a slice of the birthday event market by catering to middle-aged men.

“From next month we’re holding parties at our several stores around the country,” Bunnings CEO John McGuinness told DBT.

“We even play pin the tail on the donkey, but we’ll be using an actual hammer and nails,”

For lunch, a sausage sizzle, beer and shots of Jack Daniels.

“Groups will be treated to a visit from a shop assistant who will answer three DIY related questions per party goer,” says John McGuinness.

And guests will be sent home with their very own party bag, featuring assorted nails, screws, drill bits, a measuring tape and a 10% discount voucher.

“I’m keen to have my 50th at Bunnings,” one man told DBT. “The only problem is that I’ve got no friends to invite.”