Wealthy homeowner posts fireworks photo as thinly veiled excuse to show off his harbour view

SET PIECE: It’s that time of year again.

Every New Year’s Eve, Max Jirgis posts a photo of the fireworks from his sprawling balcony in Sydney’s prestigious Darling Point.

“He actually does the same thing for the Sydney to Hobart yacht race,” one of his friends told DBT.

“But he doesn’t care about yachts or fireworks. It’s literally all about showing off his view.”

In the photo posted just after midnight, Max Jirgis appears alone, but seemingly dressed for a party, wearing a waistcoat and posing with a glass of wine.

However DBT understands those items were just props to help justify posting the photo.

“What’s the bet he didn’t even watch the fireworks?” one of his instagram followers told DBT.

“I reckon he just got a few photos then went back inside, put his pj’s back on and continued watching TV.”

Mr Jirgis wouldn’t respond to DBT’s request for an interview, but at the time of publishing this story, his post only had 5 likes.