‘Crowds Here Are Massive Compared To Super Rugby Games’ Admits Raelene Castle At Centrelink

One day after resigning as Rugby Australia CEO, Raelene Castle has begun the arduous task of applying for the federal government’s job seeker payment.

“I can’t believe how many people are here,” Castle told a DBT reporter as she entered her 3rd hour in the queue at Centrelink.

“It feels lining up for a Rugby match back when people actually used to care about Rugby.”

Small crowds, dwindling ratings, no broadcast deal from 2021 and a messy handling of the of the Israel Folau saga combined to force Castle to fall on her sword.

“I’ve got no idea what I’m going to do now,” says Castle. “Although I hear there’s a CEO job on offer at the NRL. Could be perfect for me.”

More to come.