Crossroads Hotel Offering Influencers Free Drinks As Venue Reopens

It was the scene of a large Coronavirus outbreak, but influencers are being lured to the Crossroads Hotel as the venue reopens after a deep clean.

Yesterday the popular bar in south western Sydney hosted free drinks for influencers with over a thousand followers.

“We’re ready for drinkers and diners to come back to the Crossroads,” says manager Matt Gates. “We’re hoping influencers will help make that happen.”

The venue was closed for more than a week after it was found to be ground zero of a NSW Coronavirus cluster, currently sitting at 45 cases.

“Crossroads is apparently now clean and Corona-free,” says one influencer enjoying a free cocktail. “I’ve never been here before but it’s actually pretty good.”

Over the week days, influencers are eligible for one free drink each at the Crossroads, every time they visit.

“But they can stay as long as they like,” says Matt Gates. “Please take photos and post to your socials.”