A sexually frustrated Sydney man spent several hours today walking aimlessly around Westfield Bondi Junction.

“This place is next level,” says Peter Phipps. “It’s like walking around the set of Australia’s next Top Model. I literally don’t understand how there can be so many hot women in one place.”

The 30 year old says he visits Westfield regularly “just to have a look around.”

“I like to call it retail therapy,” he says. “Although it’s a bit disappointing how so many young women are wearing face masks these days.”

Mr Phipps is among a fast growing number of creepy men who go to the shopping centre purely to take in the atmosphere, without ever buying anything.

“Today I drove all the way from my home in Blacktown just for a Boost Juice,” he laughs.

“It was definitely amazing viewing, but ironically I left feeling more sexually frustrated than ever.”