“COVID-19 Is A Virus Created By Nanny State Authoritarians,” Says Frustrated Bondi Party Goer

Bondi conspiracy theorist Zane Goulding says the coronavirus pandemic is nothing but government propaganda.

“They want us to be scared,” he claims. “They’re trying to gain control of our minds and they’re effectively placing us in home detention without trial.”

He likens the “draconian measures” being used to suppress COVID-19, to the recently lifted NSW lockout laws.

“COVID-19 is just the next bullshit thing the government is using to take away our right to have fun,” he says.

It follows the government’s closure of Bondi Beach last week after crowds descended on the tourist hot spot, flouting social distancing rules.

“Social distancing is rubbish,” says Goulding. “It’s merely a tool being used to help protect a nanny state agenda. And the media is being 100% complicit.”

The 31 year old says he’ll continue to live life as normal, going on dates and partying with friends.

But he says he’s concerned that increasing numbers are trapped in “government thought control.”

“I know some people who are so scared they wont even go out to get a Boost juice on Campbell Parade,” he says.