SPLIT PERSONALITY: Cunning capitalist Robert Sallick is a respected and hard working corporate advisor at KPMG, earning 200k per year.

The 31 year old is known for seeming professional, even in social situations.

But cooler weather has triggered a transformation of sorts.

“Sometimes I wear a beanie on the weekend now,” he says. “It’s a new thing. I’m actually a very chilled and open minded person, but only on Saturdays and Sundays.”

The Pyrmont resident spent two hours today wearing a beanie while strolling through graffiti-filled laneways and trialing new cafes in his local area.

“I can handle being swallowed in corporate bureaucracy & greed from Monday-Friday, but if people see me on Saturday & Sunday I want to be able to show them my other side.”

Robert Sallick says increased time working from home might also give him the opportunity to wear his beanie mid-week.

“It’s great to know that wearing a beanie is an option for someone like me,” he says.